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my name is martín alejandro carmona selva (macs) though i'd like just martýn alexandro for short.

i was born and currently live (well, not currently, but i always like to call it home) in buenos aires, argentina (somewhere down brazil, in south america).

i was born exactly in the second saturday of the sixth month of the seventh year of the seventh decade of the twentieth century (anno domini).

in the very early ages of my life i started to develop some freaky love and desire for computers. i liked to write, but not to play. then that writing became programming, then designing and, nowadays is a combination of everything.

even though i do not consider myself a computer freak, i do like computers very much. but i'm not that techie all the time, i also like writing, listening to good music, reading a good book or magazine, watching a good movie, going to the opera and photography, among lots of other things that i like doing as well.

i'm not a sport freak, but i do like playing/watching golf, riding a bike and jetskiing and/or diving in some tropical beach. i also like other sports, but not that much to consider myself a freak.

i love traveling and discovering new places. i love the beaches and the mountains with their incredible deep blue lakes. i love exotic destinations and big cities alike.

i love art of every kind. i love going to museums and art galleries, but i do love and enjoy conceptual art, street art and digital art alike. i like live performances of every kind (including, but not limited to, music, dance, etc.)

other of my passions is design; you could say that i'm a design freak. i spend most of my free time designing from webpages and alternative cd covers to more material stuff. i consider myself very innovative and creative. i don't like humdrum tasks, and i like innovating everything instead.

i can do and achieve whatever i propose. however, i'm a little bit impatient, so i want everything for yesterday. that's something useful sometimes (i don't stop until i got something done) but others, that can ruin you at all. i do like to finish everything that i have started and i have one main motto: «do it well, or don't do it at all» (and i try to live accordingly).

even though i don't consider myself a skilled writer, i do reckon that i've written some good stuff. i was semifinalist on the american poetry open the one time i entered the conquest. i do have a printed book and audio cassette. but i do also have a home made ddb™ [disk digital book] that i programmed myself (including the encrypting/decrypting stuff) and that includes all my poems, and short stories.

my professional experience includes creation and design of web applications, dynamic web pages (and static ones), programming on several languages (once you know how to program, you can program in any given language) and last, but surely not least, working with peoplesoft (both erp and crm). i worked as a peoplesoft technician and functional resource on several big projects (both in argentina as in other countries). so, i'm very skilled in peoplesoft, web, and, definitely, in all it fields.

i like learning different languages of all kind, but i can't help latin and other strange/weird languages such as japanese. though i know a little bit of latin, french, german, italian and japanese i consider myself bilingual since i can switch amidst english and spanish with no hassle. since i'm a little lazy, i think in either one, depending on which one will make it shorter. ;-)

i'm sincere (well, at least try to be), i consider myself a simple guy with simple wishes. a guy who likes simple things, tiny bits of life. i got surprised by simple things too, and the simple fact of sun rising can make me write an essay. (sorry, but i guess i used the word simple more than enough in this paragraph). i like to be taken the way i am, and i take people/things just the way they are. i do not pretend to change the whole world, but i guess i'm doing my little, and humble, contribution.

i live with my family (in chronological order: granny ester -rip-, mother marta, sister julieta and pupi -rip-, our little lovely dog)*. though i'm not as religious (and practitioner) as i should, i am a roman catholic person, not a fanatic or extremist, but a true believer.

i consider myself a very open minded person, and so, i tolerate and respect almost any other idea (on every aspect of life). though i'm not gay, i respect and support their rights and claims. though i'm not muslim or arab i'm very into their cause. though i wasn't born or lived in tibet, i support their right for freedom. in few words, i support into any humanitarian cause.

while i recognize that we all are different in many ways, i don't consider that ones are more than the others. i do believe that both woman and man, black or white, tall or short, hairy or bald, etc, etc, are human being alike and, as moby would say, i try to respect them all. i believe that ideas cannot be killed, but they can multiply if we all work together for the same cause.

well, i don't like talking about myself that much, so, that's everything i'm gonna tell you right now. please, do feel free to ask whatever you might want. i'll do my best to answer to -almost- every single question (by updating this page or personally).

* right now i'm living in barcelona, catalunya, spain, but well, i like recalling my familly like that.