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what to include in this damn images section is one of the hardest questions to answer ;-)

while i do love photography (and image in general) i don't like to be photographed. instead i preffer to be the one taking the picture, so the one behind the scene.

so, and from now on, some wallpapers and then, some photobooks

i trully hope you'll enjoy them all...


brief: i took the photos yesterday (01 apr 2006 a.D.) @ como, which is a nice argentine restaurant where you can eat some provoletas and asados in a cozy atmosphere with good service while enjoying some good music. it's not expensive (25€ per person with drinks, dessert and coffee) and i just love it. sadly for me, it's allowed to smoke.
due to its great atmosphere, i just pointed and shoot. no futher processing was done (well, i resided and branded them, but nothing else). i hope you'll enjoy them.

Wallpaper 1 Wallpaper 2 Wallpaper 3 Wallpaper 4

brief: i took these new photos yesterday (16 apr 2006 a.D.) @ guru bcn. it's a nice bar with good house music, nice people and one of the best ambiences in barcelona. (sadly for me, again, it's allowed to smoke).

 Wallpaper 5 Wallpaper 6

brief: i took this new photos last sat. (22 jul 2006 a.D.) @ mirablau. it's a nice bar with a dancing area with an expectacular view of barcelona. the model spotted is jenny.

Wallpaper 7

brief: i took these new photos in belgium. the first one is on brugge. the second one was taken in the european commission.

 Wallpaper 8 Wallpaper 9

brief: baba took this on the 12nd.of jan while she was @ gualeguaychú for the carnival festivities. ¡gracias baba!.

Wallpaper 10

brief: i took them last may (2006) while in font màgicas in montjuïc here in barcelona. (thank you baba for the idea on those!)

 Wallpaper 11 Wallpaper 12

brief: roger took this one while sailing in mare nostrum. i don't know why, but i love this picture. moltes gràcies roger!

Wallpaper 13

brief: janette would be here just for one weekend. so we went to barceloneta even it was cold and late. then i took this one...

Wallpaper 14

brief: i went to castelló de la plana and while going back from the beach at noon i found this nice flowers... the bee is an extra... :)

Wallpaper 15

brief: last sat (07 feb 2009 a.D.), after cinema, we decided to have our dinner @ diez a nice restaurant closer to el born, when i saw the lights, this wallpaper begun...

Wallpaper 16

brief: lena. posed for me the other day, on the big set i was able to took those as wallpapers. thank you lena!.

Wallpaper 17 Wallpaper 18 Wallpaper 19 Wallpaper 20

brief: puerto madero is a great site by day, but also by night. i've taken some pictures there, and, then, i did these wallpapars. please note that, this time, i've broken the rules. these are only in one size and, the legend, is different.

Wallpaper 17 Wallpaper 18 Wallpaper 19

brief: we were shooting some pictures on the park when i said «jump!» to henna and she did so, i've just shot the trigger and, the results are here!

 Wallpaper 24 Wallpaper 25

brief: the first one was taken a while ago in tibidabo (from the top of the church). the second one was taken from a 16th. floor next to the sea in digaonal mar.

 Wallpaper 26 Wallpaper 27

brief: next door there's this shop with these fance lights on the street. i shoot before the camera was in focus and, this «mistake», makes me loving this one...

Wallpaper 28

brief: i went to méxico and, while there, i took these pictures. i hope you'll like them!.

Wallpaper 17 Wallpaper 18 Wallpaper 19 Wallpaper 20
Wallpaper 28

don't worry, they will open at your current screen resolution*. then just right click and "set as desktop background" (it's not magic, it's hard work)
* from «jump, baby, jump!» onwards, images are either 16:9 or 16:10 and one size fits it all. it's easier and today's all os do a great resizing -reducing size-.
(if you are still in 4:3, i'm sorry, but i can't keep on doing that aspect just in case)

i'd like to thank my great friend martin bishop for giving me the great idea of making these wallpapers.