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i won't write that much about this section, because, its name says it all: links.

some cool places that, for one reason or the other, i like to share with you. some of them are from friends of mine, other captivated me the first time i saw them, and the rest, well.. they are essential links, sites or pages that i consider that everyone should visit...

please do forgive me for not including captions, but if you hover your mouse on the link you'll get a brief explanation of it.

all the links are given on an «AS-IS» basis, without implicit or explicit warranties of any kind. i cannot be held responsible for the content of the sites. each one belongs to its owners and so, they are the ones to blame if anything goes wrong.

nevertheless, if it happens that you find a broken link, please do tell me, so i will update it.

on the other hand, if you are the owner of any of these sites and you want me to remove the link, please, do tell me and i'll do so.

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