..:: music ::..

i guess i could live without many things -including, perhaps, a computer- but i could not live without music.

music for me is the spice of life. it's -along with my writing- what keeps me alive. i just can't imagine a day in my life without at least one moment of music.

despite i don't like all the music i do like all kind of music. i mean i like from the most classical music to the more futuristic. ít's not common that i don't like some music, but i do like some less than other.

for example, i don't like heavy metal that much. another thing that i don't like is nowadays latin music (enrique iglesias, ricky martin, shakira, etc.) but, i do like -a lot- alejandro sanz, for example.

i do like most spanish musicians, from the great manuel de falla to the great joan manuel serrat (the best non classical spanish musician), passing thru, for example, julio iglesias.

on regards to argentinian music, i like tango very much. my tango spectrum ranges from carlos gardel to astor piazzolla (one of the best musicians of all times). i like local folklore, but it's not on my favs list.

another artits that captivated me is the great charles aznavour. i know he's oldfashined and that it's not something a person of my age would like, but i can't help it. i do like french music in general, but, aznavour... ahh... aznavour...

if i had to do a list of my favs, i guess it will be an endless one. i like music so much... but, if i was obliged to make a short one, i guess it will be something like that: vangelis, enigma, secret garden, aria, astor piazzolla, hanz zimmer, enya, loreena mc kennit, johann sebastian bach, george frideric händel and pink floyd, moodswings, joan manuel serrat, charles aznavour, carlos gardel, elton john, pet shop boys, paul oakenfold, schiller, etc. etc. etc.

i can't tell you a single fav artist, since it depends on, amidst other things, my mood, the situation, etc. but you can imagine from the previous list.

i could spend a life writing about music, but then you'll get bored about it, so i will just include thumbnails of all the CDs i have (so you can figure out).

they are in some alphabetical order, not that alphabetical anyway, but it's what i once intended to do. even though they don't have any description, if you leave the mouse over any thumbnail, you'll get info about the CD -from the alt tag on the image-

please note that i've included my cds only. no cdr, tape, dat, md or record is listed here (mainly because most of them are not originals but copies).

since i do have some cds the page can take a little to load in full, please, do excuse me for that, but i don't like the idea of splitting it into little pages. (there are more than 250 thumbnails!)

click here to view my cd list

..:: songs reviews ::..

from now on i will include, in this section, reviews of songs. i will not update it on a regular basis, but, when i find a song that captivates me, i will include it here for you to listen to (along with a review).

this time, and to start with, i choose steve lawler's andante from his global underground cd lights out.

there are many reasons for choosing this one, but, i will name a few here.

first of all, since the very day i heard it, i was unable to quit it from my mind. then, it's the kind of song that makes you groove untill you cannot stand on your bare feet and, last but not least, i like it a lot.

you might say that it's the classic progressive song, but, to be honest with you, for me it's more than that. i cannot just explain it in plain words, but you'll see yourself when you
listen to it.

it's not, for sure, the kind of tune you'll play on route to the altar (on your wedding's day), nor on a funeral (sorry for the sarcasm), but if you wanna party like never before, then andante is the right tune.

it's pure instrumental (just some diffuse voice samples over there). it's (mainly) 126.7 BPM and, from my point of view (and steve's expereience) it's best experienced if included in the middle of a set (progressive).

so, why to keep on explaining it (moreover knowing that i am no music expert at all) if you can listen to it?

click here to play steve lawler's «andante»

please note that you'll require (once more) realmedia plugin, and that the sound quality is not as good as i'd like to be, but, i needed speed, low space and, moreover, i didn't want anybody making any profit with it.